I’m a music historian and record collector based in the UK and a periodic visitor to the Bay Area and always on the lookout to discover 45’s and related that I have never come across before.

I have been a fan and a collector of music from the Bay Area especially soul and related after being a regular visitor to the famous Wigan Casino Northern Soul venue in the late 1970’s and venues thereafter and with this discovering so many great 45’s from the area.

This is my new website and all additions and updates will now be added to this website going forward. My original website www.stanleyandbianca.com remains on-line and is dedicated to the recording history of (Little) Stanley Lippitt and Lady Bianca (Thornton).




If you have any information, did you produce, work in the studio or record anything from the 1950's onwards or work for the local radio station or in a local record store, have copies of original music posters or photos or just have memories of the times especially the 50's to the 80’s, I would be keen to make contact with you. Please do let me know by contacting me through the Contact Form

Also if you are aware of any corrections or updates please do contact me through the Contact Form and would value this information as will assist in the development of this database and the information for others as a research tool.

Mark Oliver




My thanks go out to the many collectors and vinyl enthusiasts from around the Globe who have over the years helped in developing this extensive database of Bay Area discographies provided on the site.



Andy Gallagher,

Christian Peintner,

Ray Astbury,

Jeff Beckman,

Justin Torres,

Adey Pierce,

Stanley Lippitt,

Bianca Thornton,

Warren Foster (Fos-Glo Records),

Dick Vance Jnr (Vance Records),

Fred Cohn (Action, Vir-Cap, D & C Records),

Robert Troutt (Chain Reaction, El Domingoes, Mystics and the Inticers),

Charles Shortridge & William Wigfall (Lyrics)

Dick Lee (DeFenders & Brymers),

Steve Ehrat (Soultons),

Hank Jones,


Deric Mahaney,

Arno Konings (www.slystonebook.com),

John Idem,

Doree & Darla Miles (Canary Records)

Ruben Villasenor,

Randy Thagard,

Joe Frizzi,

and all myspace friends: www.myspace.com/bayarea45



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